Services Aquatica Offers

Aquatica Aquarium Gallery is more than just a fish store. We offer services that no other store can provide.

Professional Aquarium Consultation

Aquatica offers professional aquarium consultation services for fresh water, salt water, live reef tanks, ponds and more. Whether you have fish that are not feeling well, require aquarium maintenance, or want a monster aquarium built and installed we can help guide you on the right path. Our professional consultants have been in the industry and fish keeping hobby from anywhere between 10 to 40 years! We are here to help, so give us a call today or contact us with your inquiry and we will be in touch quickly!

Aquarium Maintenance Services

At Aquatica, we have experience in properly maintaining any type of environment from small Fresh Water Aquariums to Reef Aquariums to Large Ponds and everything in between. Our experts have been trained in every scenario, and do more than just clean glass and change water during our service. We treat each and every aquatic environment as if it were our own tank, bringing a personal level of service that you just don't get elsewhere. During our normal visits we inspect all equipment to make sure that it is functioning properly. This includes lights, filters, pumps, automatic feeders, heaters, timers, bio pellet reactors, protein skimmers and more. Equipment failure is a leading cause of an unhealthy aquarium. We will provide replacement food and/or fill up your feeders every visit, clean the aquarium glass (or acrylic) walls, clean and maintain the substrate, monitor fish and coral health and advise if attention is needed, inspect water parameters if there are any signs of a problem, change the necessary amount of water, and more. We also provide emergency services so if you have a sudden problem, we'll be there!

Acrylic Aquarium Design

We are proud to build quality aquariums out of high quality cell cast acrylic material. When it comes to custom sizes, projects or large systems, we are second to none. Our acrylic design and fabrication business has been designing aquariums, filtration systems, sumps and more for all applications for over 26 years. Our master acrylic craftsmen take great pride in what they make, and you can see that in our work. Acrylic is much lighter than glass and lets about 30% more light through, making it even more clean than Starfire Glass, allowing you to truly enjoy the beauty of an aquarium. Let us design and build a custom acrylic aquarium for you today!

Aquarium Moving and Installation Services

Aquatica has many years of experience in moving and installing systems. If you are moving from one house to another, let us help. We will safely and securely transport your fish, decorations, live corals, tank and equipment from one place to the next, including setting up the tank at the new location and safely acclimating all livestock to ensure a safe trip to their new home. We also set up brand new systems in homes and offices all over Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Mentor, Beachwood, Strongsville and more! Email or call today for a quote!